The Stability Constraints for nuclei by the distribution of the distance of zero values in Riemann‘ Zeta function for the spectral crystalline phase in splitting energy values to an E/M Series for photonic neutrinos in the –e +e String field by Ramanujan’s infinity conjecture to a quantum optical vortex field spectral line in a cavity vortex superfluid.



The optical quantum field series within the Riemann  Zeta function by the distribution of zero values for the distance of prime numbers in an inner crystalline infinity section is rearranging the photonic Matter Sequence by the energy quantum flux for nuclei for protons in the shielding to Leptons for neutrons.

For z= -1 (Riemann Zeta Function), the inner infinity section in a threshold distance for virtuals by the photonic matter sequence of -1/12 (Ramanujan Infinity Conjecture) is in a zero alignment for the Foundation of Pauli’s exclusion principle for √(-1)=0 for positrons and electron holes in a cavity vortex field.

The quantum Optical to photonic matter sequence by positron electron holes on the gluon surfaces for the shielding distance by an electron neutrino in the inner section of leptonic transmutations.

The elements of the periodic table are on a string line to the inner distance in the field by stability constraints for the spectral E/M Line for quantum virtuals.


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