The preeminance of cooperative strategies to competiton in economics

I am being asked very often about the funding of the new technology in the area of quantum gate design for the IT, Energy and Finance Industry, semiconductors in the silicon photonics „bandgap“, quantum optics and fractal data models:

funding is not the key point, key is the understanding of the technological and economic impact which is huge, ROI (Return on Investment) will be huge.

Prerequisit is the understanding of the economic models.

Capital is not what is missing foremost, but the correct understanding of the economic models.

We deny the picture of competition between companies.

We show by game theory and the correct interpretation of mathematics, that cooperative strategies for companies are superior in conjunction with a common information basis.

We will show that open price structures, and an open world view for commodities and resources will enhance the true spirit for innovation, and are superior to a short term thinking in terms of profitablity.

Investitionsplan und Geschäftsmodell zur Gründung einer Aktiengesellschaft – Businessplan