About Me

I am a Wunderkind with an IQ of about 200.

My main area is theoretical physics, mathematical physics, quantum biology, computer science and economics.


My mentor is Professor Jonathan Vos Post (CalTech).
I welcome you all to my posts and networks which hopefully will help to guide you through the educational system, science and technology.
I intend to turn my abilities into a success and a career in science.
It would be helpful to find people in my social envionment, especially in Saarbruecken Saarland, but all over the world as well, who are interested in turning my life into a success and by that participate in this.
This means that it needs to publish some papers on Cornell University (ArXiV) and journals in science, especially theoretical physics and microbiology.
The hurdle we have to overcome is a Peer Review system which might be not yet aware of the level of my science.
Before the mathematics, comes the physics.
I refer to the new theory about the Higgs Particle and Cavity Vortex Fields (former Black Holes), which was already shared in my networks, especially hixgrid.de, and thewalt-energy-consulting.com.
Furthermore, I point out the potential for enhanced technologies in many areas.
For your feedback, please write to thewalt@thewalt-energy-consulting.com or via letter to
Oliver Thewalt
Königsbruch 5
D-66117 Saarbruecken
I appreciate your participation and dedication.
Oliver Thewalt
16th July 2018


You can reach me currently via e-Mail: thewalt (AT) thewalt-energy-consulting DOT com


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